Ljudska univerza Lendava

LU Lendava was founded with the aim of giving citizens the opportunity to acquire, improve and renew their knowledge. Children of school age, high school students and teenagers, adults and elderly people in the third stage of life can participate in various forms of education.

Our activity includes a rich offer of formal and informal education for adults and youth in the form of interesting and attractive learning and training programs with quality mentors and lecturers. All forms of education take place in a pleasant and modern equipped learning environment and with the help of friendly, qualified advisors.

For many years we have confirmed our competence and quality through our commitment and active participation in local partnerships, national and international projects in the field of education.

Pučko otvoreno učilište Čakovec

Public Open University Čakovec is a public adult education institution and one of the leading adult education institutions in the Republic of Croatia. It is a member of the Croatian Association for the Education of Adults seated in Zagreb.

It was founded in 1950 as Workers’ University, which was followed by a merger with People’s University in 1960. In 1989 it was renamed into Open University and finally in 1997 it became what it is today, Public Open University Čakovec, a public institution under the jurisdiction of the City of Čakovec.

People’s University had several departments, which included the Cultural Centre, the Library, Međimurje County Museum, the Elementary Music School and the Education Centre. As the departments developed, they separated from the University and are autonomous even today. People’s University redirected towards adult education, which remains its specialty to this day.

This lifelong learning centre has always evolved to meet the demands of our society. It remains a dynamic setting open to changes as well as social and economic influences dictating program structure and development. It welcomes everybody with a need for new knowledge and skills and the numerous available experts ensure the best possible education.

NGO Kham Delcevo

NGO KHAM Delchevo came into existence in 1999 when it was started by a group of Roma activists because of their beliefs and views about the need for promotion of the quality of life of the Roma community in Delchevo. NGO KHAM Delchevo is an institutionalized organization in the framework of the state system of the country. It is an active participant which promotes the strengthening of civil society and democracy as well as the institutional approach to promote the integration of the Roma population and other marginalized groups in all spheres of society. Raising the educational level and improving the social and economicstatus of marginalized groups, as well as contributing to the strengthening of the capacities of the NGOs in Eastern Macedonia through collaboration with home and foreign organizations and institutions.

Razvojni center Murska Sobota

The Murska Sobota Development Centre is a regional institution whose aim is to encourage balanced economic, social, and cultural development in the Pomurje region and its administrative center, the city municipality of Murska Sobota. With our professional work as well as knowledge and experience in various fields, we give our best to encourage and execute development projects in the region. Our work is based on the collaboration with you, the user of our services, that is why cooperation and communication are key in order to offer our ideas, knowledge, and services to those who really need them.

Our expert knowledge and experience reach across the fields of regional development, project management, business consulting, and strategic development planning.

UZOR - Udruga za obrazovanje Roma

The Roma Education Association was founded with the aim of developing and promoting the Roma ethnic minority. The association has 8 active members and 10 supporters, the latter being also involved in the volunteer work of the association.

According to its goals, the association works in the fields of education, culture, sports, social rights and the rights and interests of ethnic minorities in Croatia. The purpose of the association is consistent with the goals and activities of the association UZOR, and it operates in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.




The DigiUp project is the result of cooperation between partner organizations from three countries, namely Slovenia, Croatia and Northern Macedonia. The project idea was born during the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, when elementary schools had to prepare for emergencies that required shifting teaching to the digital environment of online classrooms, for which elementary schools were not prepared. This proved particularly difficult for students from the Roma community who did not find themselves in the digital environment of online classrooms because they did not have the knowledge to access them, resulting in all of them being inactive for the duration of the distance learning. All of this negatively impacted their success at the end of the school year.

Lead partner:  Ljudska univerza Lendava (Slovenija)


With the DigiUp project, we will strengthen the digital competencies of Roma assistants and other pedagogical profiles teaching Roma students at primary school level through an innovative training program supported by a platform with appropriate content and digital tools for the development of digital competencies among Roma students. To enable them to transfer their acquired digital knowledge to the end users, Roma students, taking into account all the specificities of teaching the latter and with content attractive and understandable enough for Roma students to know the knowledge they need to participate in distance education on an equal footing , must